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About Us

About MirrorLite®

MirrorLite® is the creator of the glassless mirror, a phenomenal patented innovation that brings the properties associated with glass – high luminosity and reflectivity – to a flexible film. MirrorLite may be customized for installations in theatrical productions like A Chorus Line, and for new space age applications employed by NASA and Fermi Labs. The US Navy has incorporated MirrorLite in their flight simulators. Interior designers and tradeshow producers have devised innovative uses with MirrorLite for architectural and exhibition applications. MirrorLite is a popular solution for reflective walls in fitness and dance centers. The myriad of uses for MirrorLite is just beginning to be realized.

Our Team

Janet Reith Janet Reith, President and Owner


Janet Reith

Janet Reith began working with MirrorLite in 2007 where she established the quality control standards, supervised installations and handled customer service. She learned the craft of building glassless mirrors at Hudson Photographic in 1993 under the direction of Eugene Martinez, Sr., the founder of MirrorLite Products. In 2010 Janet trained the team at MirrorLite Asia in the art and craft of building glassless mirrors. Janet is originally from the Dominican Republic. She resides in Westchester County with her family.

Dwayne Reith Dwayne Reith, Vice President


Dwayne Reith

Dwayne began working with his brother Gary when MirrorLIte was founded and has provided sales and service support ever since. He graduated from Iona College with a degree in Business Administration. Dwayne is a truly a jack-of-all-trades, best known as the owner of Custom Marine where he runs one of the largest marina contracts for the Department of Transportation in New York State and New York City. Dwayne was a franchise owner for Seatow and earlier in his career was the manager of the Castaway Yacht Club in New Rochelle. When he’s not at MirrorLite, you might find Dwayne sailing a River Town Cruise up and down the Hudson River.

Stephanie Rodriguez Stephanie Rodriguez, Chief Operations Officer


Stephanie Rodriguez

Stephanie Rodriquez joined MirrorLite in 2008. As operations manager, she is responsible for the day-to-day account management. She works closely with the president to ensure clients’ needs are being met with an exceptional level of service and attention. Prior to this Stephanie served as administrative manager where she was in charge of human resources and bookkeeping. Stephanie attended Norwalk Community College where she received a certificate from the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers (AIPB).

Gary Reith Gary Reith, Founder


Gary Reith

Gary Reith, Founder of MirrorLite, died on June 2, 2019. Gary ran MirrorLite for over 12 years and worked in the industry for over 27 years. Gary’s innovations set the high standard for professional work, produced workflows, and engineering solutions that established MirrorLite as the leader in the glassless mirror industry. Gary put dedication into each and every project no matter how unique or how difficult the job seemed. He always found a way to satisfy the customer and motivate the employees to deliver the impossible.

Albert Einstein said, “The value of a man should be seen in what he gives and not in what he is able to receive.” Gary was a man who passionately gave 100% to his family, friends, employees and customers. He laid down a foundation that inspires all of us at MirrorLite to build upon his efforts and dreams.

Cost Effective
Save money with MirrorLite®

Cost Effective

MirrorLite® Glassless Mirrors cost less than glass mirrors! And installation costs, shipping and assembly rates are lower. Save money with MirrorLite®!

Lightweight & Shatterproof
Your best reflective solution

Lightweight & Shatterproof

MirrorLite® Glassless Mirrors are the best reflective solution for Dance Studios. MirrorLite® Glassless Mirrors are lightweight—a 4’ x 6’ glassless mirror only weighs 8 lbs!

Easy to install


Broadway shows, touring shows and leading TV and movie productions choose MirrorLite® Glassless Mirrors because they are portable and easy to install.

What Clients Say?

Your team handled all of the many moving parts and different entities with such expertise and grace.

Bronson van Wyck and Kari Bien Van Wyck & Van Wyck

Thank you and MirrorLite for another great season with Rodarte! We couldn't do the show without you guys.Thank you for all the support! See you next season.

Bureau Betak Fashion Event Planners

I am filled with gratitude for the integrity and compassion that your company has shown me. I will surely remember your company name and refer it to other movement professionals.

Judith Rose Vital Movement

The MirrorLite glassless mirrors that we purchased for our fitness classes are awesome.

Robert Rennis Fitness Class Instructor

I called MirrorLite and by the time the conversation was over I had the mirror in production and scheduled to deliver personally to the job site the next day.

Tony Saraceni Owner, Upstate Material Sales